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Altzoan altzoan esaten dit / Bragas y Celine

Altzoan altzoan esaten dit / Bragas y Celine arises from a desire to unravel the relationship between being the object of observation and the subject in the action as a female performer.  The body and the practice are sources of desire and pleasure.

The piece is structured as a score, which navigates concrete exercises of movement and voice work that allow for presence and pleasure on stage as a performer.

Choreography and performance: Oihana Vesga

Costume: Xabi Mujika

Photography: Yone Estibariz

Support from: ADDE Asociación de Profesionales de la Danza del Pais Vasco, Artium Museoa Gasteiz, Eusko Jaurlaritza and Gipuzkoako Dantzagunea

Teaser of work:


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